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Notice to customers regarding "DO NOT DUPLICATE" or "Restricted Keys"

Pursuant to Business and Professions code 6980.54 in the state of California any key that is marked "DO NOT DUPLICATE", or any variation, is unlawful to reproduce without a "LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION". A copy of this authorization letter must be presented to the person who is copying the key and remain on file.

Letter MUST be typed! Hand written letters are NOT accepted!

* Please note that there are keys beyond just standard "Do Not Duplicate. These keys are referred to as Restricted Keys. The key blank itself is patented, licensed or owned by a particular organization. These are common for government buildings and believe it or not HOA (Home Owners Association) pool gate keys. In the event you have one of these keys you will need to request them from your HOA, building/property management or other appropriate party.

Below you will find our authorization form template that you may copy fill out on your computer and print. Also, we have made this document available to download in both Word and PDF formats.



I , __Name and title/position______, am requesting duplication of a key or keys for the property at the address of  _____Exact Address_________. I have the legal authority and rights to make this request or have been granted the authority and right to make this request by the company and or property owner.


If you are not the owner please provide company or owners information below:


1) Owner(s) or Company/Business name

2) Address if different from above


In addition to the owner(s) and myself, the following people are also authorized to request keys for the above mentioned property:


List individuals (if applicable)







For the purpose of verification, anyone (including ownership) requesting key duplication must present government issued identification. Any individual whose name does not appear on this letter or who fails to present proof of identification must be denied. This letter shall remain permanent until further notice. Please contact me in case of further clarification or concerns.


Contact information




Phone Number:






Print Name





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